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Slow Down by Lee Matthew Goldberg

ISBN: 978-0-9899323-7-0

How far would you go to make your dreams come true? For budding writer and filmmaker Noah Spaeth, being a Production Assistant in director Dominick Bambach's new avant-garde film isn't enough. Neither is watching Dominick have an affair with the lead actress, the gorgeous but troubled Nevie Wyeth. For Noah's dream is to get both the film and Nevie in the end, whatever the cost. And this obsession may soon become a reality once Dominick's spurned wife Isadora reveals her femme fatale nature with a seductive plot to get rid of her husband for good. Slow Down, a cross between the noir styling of James M. Cain and the dark satire of Bret Easton Ellis, is a thrilling page-turner that holds a mirror up to a media-saturated society that is constantly searching for the fastest way to get ahead, regardless of consequences. Click Here to buy >>>

The Forgotten Addiction by Michael Lion

ISBN: 978-0989932363

Los Angeles, 1993. The City is burning itself down. Murder is king. And Bird is back, right in the middle of the blaze. Still blaming himself for the death of the Butcher's Granddaughter, Bird is holed up in his girlfriend's apartment and trying to keep the demons at bay. But the City won't leave him alone, won't let him grieve. When the desperate father of a missing UCLA co-ed finds Bird and pleads with him to help find his daughter, Bird sees a path to personal redemption and takes it. It may be the last mistake he ever makes. From penthouse office suites to strip club poker games, Bird soon learns that the girl's disappearance may have been of her own making. But somewhere along the way she drew the interest of L.A.'s darkest corners, and in them Bird will have to choose between his own life and that of a woman he has never met. Click Here to buy >>>

The Good Life by Frank Wheeler, Jr.

ISBN: 9780989932356

Description: Earl Haack, Jr. was raised to be Machiavelli in cowboy boots. Growing up with his father’s brutal brand of peacemaking as sheriff of a small town on a major drug corridor, Junior swore there had to be a better way to keep the order his father taught him must come first-before peace, before prosperity. But as a young narcotics deputy in Denver, he quickly learns that the drug trade that threatens that order is never going to end. A man charged with policing it can either give up or learn to control the chaos around him. Junior’s father was right: order comes first, and order is built on bloodshed. Click Here to buy >>>

The Forty-Two by Ed Kurtz

ISBN: 978-0-9899323-4-9

It’s 1979 in New York City and Charley McCormick loves the Deuce—42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues—more than anything in the world. He loves the peculiar low-budget movies. He loves the bizarre all-night circus of it all. But when a pretty girl sits beside him at a horror double feature at the Harris and ends up dead before the lights come back on, his scene is turned upside down…and Charley is thrown into whirlwind of murder and betrayal where no one is what they seem. As he winds through a network of sex workers, gangsters, and B movie producers, Charley gets himself in so deeply there is no choice but to unravel what started on the Forty-Two and might very well end in the city morgue. Click Here to buy >>>

Phone Call From Hell & Other Tales of the Damned by Jonathan Woods

ISBN: 9780989932318

Jonathan Woods, author of the award-winning Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem, returns with a new collection of seventeen crazed and corrosively funny noir tales: A corporate raider heads down to Key West for some sport fishing and murder; Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene hit the streets of Havana where both pleasure and danger lurk; a worker in an office tower is seduced by the synthesized female voice in the elevator. Combining the offbeat humor of the Coen brothers with the madness of Jim Thompson, these stories will keep you up ‘til the wee hours. And you won’t go to sleep without a loaded pistol under your pillow. Click Here to buy >>>

Capture by Roger Smith

ISBN: 9780989932325

As four-year-old Sunny Exley drowns in the icy waters off a luxury beach house, her father, Nick, smokes weed on the shore and her mother, Caroline, is lost in the arms of a lover. Hidden on nearby boulders, rent-a-cop Vernon Saul watches the child die and chooses to act only when it is too late. In the days following Sunny’s death, gutted by grief and guilt, Nick falls under the spell of Vernon who presents himself as a friend in time of need. When the sinister Vernon’s true motives are revealed, Nick is drawn into a spiral of manipulation and murder that leaves him fighting for his sanity and his life. Click Here to buy >>>

Dust Devils by Roger Smith

ISBN: 9780989932332

Framed for murdering his family, journalist Robert Dell’s only ally is his oldest enemy: his father, an ex-CIA hitman with one last shot at redemption. Hunting the real killer, father and son take a bloody road trip into the heart of darkness, uncovering a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of the state. Click Here to buy >>>

The Bitch by Les Edgerton

ISBN: 978-0989932301

Ex-con Jake Bishop is several years past his second stint in prison and has completely reformed. He’s married, expecting a child, and preparing to open his own hair salon. But then an old cellmate re-enters his life begging for a favor: to help him with a burglary. Forced by his code of ethics to perform the crime, Jake’s once idyllic life quickly plunges into an abyss. Jake soon realizes that there is only one way out of this purgatory . . . and it may rupture his soul beyond repair. Click Here to buy >>>

Night of the Furies by J.M. Taylor

ISBN: 9780985578695

In the late 1930s, Rico DiGiacomo ruled all of East Boston until he was brutally murdered by his own lieutenant, Bricks Mancini. That night, Rico’s son Giorgio overheard the details as they were reported to the one who ordered it: Rico’s wife. Giorgio vowed to avenge his father, no matter how long it took.

Now, thirty years later, Giorgio has finally fulfilled that promise. As Mancini’s bodyguards pursue him into biker bars and sleazy motels like a pack of vengeful demons, Giorgio recalls a life of humiliation at his mother’s hands and the wisdom his father passed on to him.

Night of the Furies follows Giorgio’s desperate escape, alternating between his present dangers and the events that led up to them, a virtual history of crime in Boston. From the basement lounge of the Coconut Grove to James Michael Curley, from the Great Molasses Flood to the Old Howard, Giorgio has moved in some of the deadliest circles of the city, never forgetting that Fate sent him to kill his own mother. What he doesn’t know is that Fate has still more in store for him, and one night can be very long indeed. Click Here to buy >>>

The Last of the Smoking Bartenders by C.J. Howell

ISBN: 978-0985578688

The Last of the Smoking Bartenders follows a drifter traversing the Arizona desert, leaving behind a path of destruction. Tom believes he is a secret agent deep undercover racing to stop terrorists from blowing up the Hoover Dam. Forced to live off the grid, without paper money because of tracking devices in the watermarks, and aided by a homeless raft guide and a band of meth dealing Navajos, he hunts down a terrorist network one Molotov cocktail at a time. But is it all a delusion? Are they actually killing innocent people? Chased by a beautiful but damaged FBI agent and a crossbow wielding psychopath, Tom must stay one step ahead of his pursuers and save the country he loves, all on less than a dollar a day. Click Here to buy >>>

Hard Bite by Anonymous-9

ISBN: 978-0985578640

Hard Bite is a swirling, rambunctious thriller about a paraplegic man named Dean Drayhart who—with the help of his deadly sidekick, Sid the monkey—seeks out hit-and-run drivers in retaliation for a tragic accident that took everything he had. Dean’s annoying but endearing nurse knows nothing about what he’s up to, and when Sid tears out the throat of a Mexican Mafia member, Marcie gets kidnapped in order to force Dean’s surrender. Armed with nothing but his wits, a monkey, and a sympathetic streetwalker named Cinda, Dean manipulates drug-cartel carnales and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in a David-against-Goliath plot that twists and turns to a heart-pounding finale. Click Here to buy >>>

The Fever Kill by Tom Piccirilli

ISBN: 978-0-9855786-5-7

Crease is going back to his quaint, quiet hometown of Hangtree. It’s where his father, the sheriff, met ruin in the face of a scandal involving the death of a kidnapped little girl and her missing ransom. It’s where Crease was beaten, jailed, and kicked clear of the town line ten years earlier. The town still has a taste for his blood and secrets it wants to keep. Crease has a single hope; a raw and raging fever driving him toward the truth that might just burn him up along the way. Click Here to buy >>>

The Rapist by Les Edgerton

ISBN: 978-0-9855786-2-6

The Rapist introduces us to Truman Ferris Pinter, an amoral man occupying a prison cell for a heinous crime committed years earlier. Master storyteller Les Edgerton melds introspection and visceral, human brutality in this death row narrative which will haunt you long after the final page. Click Here to buy >>>

Ugly Behavior by Steve Rasnic Tem

ISBN: 978-0-9828436-9-7

Ugly Behavior collects 19 of Steve Rasnic Tem’s best noir tales, ugly stories about people behaving quite badly indeed. These are the stories in that box under your bed, pushed all the way back against the wall, the one that takes some effort to get to, the one you thought your momma didn’t know about. Click Here to buy >>>

A Death in Mexico by Jonathan Woods

ISBN: 978-09828436807

A voluptuous artists’ model is murdered, her mutilated body dumped in the central plaza of the colonial Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende. Inspector Hector Diaz’s murder investigation takes him deep into San Miguel’s gringo expat colony, the corruption of modern Mexico by greed and drugs, and the quirky byways and dead ends of love. Corporal Felicia Goya, a tough cookie, ably assists Diaz in his search for the killer. When ancient Aztec gods or their hallucinations appear to Diaz, he considers the legacy of Mexico’s bloodstained past as a blueprint for justice in the present. Recalling Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union in its mastery of metaphor, wit, moody atmosphere and sense of place, A Death in Mexico is a gritty and gripping quest for revenge and redemption. Click Here to buy >>>

Hell on Church Street by Jake Hinkson

ISBN: 978-0982843673

A small Baptist church in Arkansas should be easy pickings for a natural born con man like Geoffrey Webb. But after talking himself into a cushy job as a youth minister, he becomes obsessed with the preacher’s teenage daughter. When their relationship is discovered by a corrupt local sheriff named Doolittle Norris, Webb’s easy life begins to fall apart. Backed by a family of psychotic hillbillies, Sheriff Norris forces Webb into a deadly scheme to embezzle money from the church. What the Norris clan doesn’t understand is that Geoffrey Webb is more dangerous than he looks, and he has brutal plans of his own. Click Here to buy >>>

In Nine Kinds of Pain by Leonard Fritz

ISBN: 978-0982843659

Baby. She knows how to play the streets of Southwest Detroit. But when her boyfriend entangles her in his life of criminal treachery, she’s forced to go underground to stay alive. Her pursuer? The mysterious Tall Black Man, a cold-blooded dope dealer who believes she’s ripped off his stash. Baby flees to presumed safety in the arms of Father Anthony Costa, a drunken, delusional priest, and Dallas Sharper, a Detroit cop gone off the deep end; she hopes to buy more time to figure a way out. Throw into the mix the Canadian Mafia, some killer cops, and an unyielding city, and you have just another week in the Murder Capitol of the World. In Nine Kind of Pain is a fast-paced, beat-of-the-street story of torment and redemption, of failure and salvation, that proffers crime fiction at its best. Click Here to buy >>>

Crime Factory: The First Shift edited by Keith Rawson, Cameron Ashley, and Jimmy Callaway

ISBN: 978-0982843642

They broke free from their work stations and ran giggling down the factory hallways, stopping only to write crude missives on the walls. Transcribed here for your amusement, the most original voices in crime fiction offer you 27 tales of revulsion, heartbreak, and violence. Welcome to The First Shift. Click Here to buy >>>

badbadbad by Jesús Ángel García

ISBN: 978-0982843631

When his wife inexplicably flees from home with their infant son, Jesús Ángel García struggles to redefine himself by being of service on both sides of the Southern cultural divide. By day, he works as the humble, God-fearing webmaster for First Church of the Church Before Church. At night, he plays the part of sexual messiah on fallenangels, an online social network for extreme desires. Blinded by righteousness, obsession and identity confusion, Jesús refuses to change his path even as it leads to the greatest of sins. Click Here to buy >>>

The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance

ISBN: 978-0982843628

Charlie Wesley is not right in the head. He’s escaped from a mental hospital up north and hitchhiked his way south, the voice of his dead brother urging him on. But when Charlie hits Memphis, the fine line between his delusions and reality shift in the form of the Reverend Phineas Childe—a preacher bent on booze and women; a Man of God with a dark agenda. Charlie is the perfect pawn in the Reverend’s game of retribution. And the small North Mississippi town of Cuba Landing will be the setting for the Reverend’s very personal Apocalypse. . . . Click Here to buy >>>

21 Tales by Dave Zeltserman

ISBN: 978-0-9828436-0-4

Brutal lessons learned over a game of nine-ball; a war veteran who’s been played as a sucker one too many times by his older brother; a salesman who stumbles upon the girl of his dreams only to learn that his dreams have all been nightmares; a con man who gets more than he bargains for when he convinces a wealthy woman to marry him.

From Dave Zeltserman, the contemporary master of noir, comes 21 tales of desperation, treachery, and betrayal, populated by con men, psychopaths, and dangerous women. Click Here to buy >>>

Almost Gone by Stan Richards

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-2-2

With this eerie, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching debut novel, Stan Richards provides shocking twists to familiar roman noir themes. Police officer Chuck Johnson is driving on a rainy two-lane highway when he loses control and crashes into a semi-truck. Although he survives the accident, Chuck learns that he has suffered a serious trauma to his brain. From that moment on he begins having strange hallucinations about his mother’s death, which occurred when he was a teenager.

Obsessed that he might have played a role in her brutal murder, Chuck Johnson reopens the unsolved case and ventures into the dark oedipal depths of his childhood. But he soon learns that the past is not what it seems to be. Click Here to buy >>>

While the Devil Waits by Jackson Meeks

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-1-5

Unemployed and stuck caring for his invalid mother, Jackson Meeks’ unnamed protagonist is just biding his time. When a childhood friend named Travis asks him to help rob a fast food restaurant, he agrees—not because he’s interested in making money but because he hopes that the inertia of his life will finally be broken.

As the robbery goes terribly wrong, the nameless protagonist ushers readers into a nightmare journey on the lam. From the streets of Harlem to the small towns of West Virginia, While the Devil Waits presents a nihilistic view of America and humanity. Click Here to buy >>>

The Butcher’s Granddaughter by Michael Lion

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-3-9

They call him Bird. He makes his living by understanding how Los Angeles operates after the sun goes down. When a French-Vietnamese transplant named Li Nguyen approaches Bird and asks him to protect her sister Song from a jealous boyfriend, Bird reluctantly agrees. But it doesn’t take long for Bird to realize that Song’s troubles go much deeper than a little domestic dispute.

As the bodies start to pile up, Bird finds himself entrenched in a labyrinth of familial rivalries and resentments. From the mean streets of Los Angeles to the slums of Honolulu, it will take all of Bird’s cunning to avoid meeting his own bloody fate. Click Here to buy >>>

As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses

by LV Rautenbaumgrabner

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-6-0

From a sociopath with superhuman hearing to a town under siege by anvils, L.V Rautenbaumgrabner’s collection of short stories are both hilarious and downright disturbing. With hints of Jim Thompson, William Faulkner, and Gabriel García Márquez, Rautenbaumgrabner is a new voice for the 21st century. Not for the squeamish, As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses takes crime fiction to new levels of grotesqueness. Click Here to buy >>>

A Choice of Nightmares

by Lynn Kostoff

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-5-3

Robert Staples is on the verge of finally making it as a second-rate actor when his agent asks him to deliver a package. Staples promptly loses the package, forcing him into the heart of a bloody and highly lucrative drug-running operation. Pulled in all directions by desperate men, sociopaths, and a sexually alluring woman, Robert soon finds himself embracing the explosive lifestyle. Fast-moving and sharply written, A Choice of Nightmares is a modern-day roman noir about drugs and money, and the passions they ignite. Click Here to buy >>>

Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem

by Jonathan Woods

ISBN: 978-09815579-7-7

Running a scam in a two-bit Caribbean republic, a tough-as-nails gun moll has to outrun both a murder rap and the local neo-Nazi commandant. A jealous archaeologist uses a Mayan stone dildo to bludgeon to death the chairman of the Archaeology Department. An accountant goes on a tropical vacation to a place where everything is falling apart, including his own sketchy soul. Seduced by an escaped psychopath named Dandelion, a frat boy has no choice but to commit murder. The nineteen opium dreams that make up Bad Juju provide the most outrageous, entertaining and over-the-top crime spree since Quentin Tarantino appeared on the scene. Click Here to buy >>>

Rabid Child

by Pete Risley

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-8-4

Desmond Cray just wants to be left alone. Homeless and friendless, he skulks around town scavenging for food and peeping on unsuspecting women. But his life of anonymity is threatened when a foster mother from his past sees him huddled in the rain and insists he return to her house. There, Desmond enters into a nightmarish world of sin and depravity. Through his dealings with the strangely obsessive mother, an unpredictable nymphette, and a hyper-religious cripple, Desmond discovers a series of terrible secrets, the worst of which just might involve him. Click Here to buy >>>