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"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

The Good Life by Frank Wheeler, Jr.

ISBN: 9780989932356

Description: Earl Haack, Jr. was raised to be Machiavelli in cowboy boots. Growing up with his father’s brutal brand of peacemaking as sheriff of a small town on a major drug corridor, Junior swore there had to be a better way to keep the order his father taught him must come first-before peace, before prosperity. But as a young narcotics deputy in Denver, he quickly learns that the drug trade that threatens that order is never going to end. A man charged with policing it can either give up or learn to control the chaos around him. Junior’s father was right: order comes first, and order is built on bloodshed.

Raves for The Good Life

“Richly atmospheric, shockingly violent, and yet lit by scenes of surprising tenderness, THE GOOD LIFE is a book I won’t soon forget. Frank Wheeler Jr. is the real deal, a hell of a writer.”
—Sean Chercover, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Trinity Game

“Tautly written and thoroughly twisted, THE GOOD LIFE is seeped in blood and grit. Frank Wheeler Jr.’s talent for bringing the best—and worst—out of his shady, double-crossing cast of characters makes for a thrill ride of a book. Highly recommended.”
—Hilary Davidson, author of The Damage Done

“Frank Wheeler Jr.’s THE GOOD LIFE is a thumping, hard-edged tale about the blood and violence beyond the corn stalks. If you thought you knew the Plains, think again.”
—Reed Farrel Coleman, award-winning author of The Hollow Girl

“Frank Wheeler’s THE GOOD LIFE serves up a potent dose of rugged, rural noir. In Earl Haack Jr., we have a memorable, conflicted protagonist—in love with a dangerous woman, haunted by his father’s blood-soaked legacy and serving as his family’s last hope for redemption. THE GOOD LIFE brims with brutal, relentless storytelling that leaves you gasping for breath. I can’t recommend it enough.”
—Alex Segura, author of Silent City

“Vivid, brimming with heady atmosphere and propelled by a ‘hero’ in Earl Haack, Jr. as vicious as a prairie rattlesnake, THE GOOD LIFE delivers a quintessential piece of American noir and affirms Frank Wheeler Jr. as one of our boldest talents. In the grand tradition of Jim Thompson, Wheeler takes us to the darkest corners of our nation’s heartland, where savagery reigns and law and order grows not from a jury box but from the barrel of a scatter gun. That’s the thing with great crime fiction. When it’s done right, it’s ugly as hell. THE GOOD LIFE is done right and then some.”
—Peter Farris, author of Last Call for the Living and Ghost in the Fields

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