New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

New Pulp Press is a virtual publisher of the best in edgy crime fiction, neo-noir and neo-pulp in both ebook format (downloadable for most major eReader devices) and trade paperback format.

New Pulp Press is headquartered in Key West, Florida. Long known to be a literary haven, this southernmost city in the continental United States has been home to Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, John Hersey, Ralph Ellison, Shel Silverstein, Robert Stone, and scores of other famous and infamous authors.

Over the past seven years New Pulp Press has grown into a genre bending, genre expanding publisher of crime fiction, dedicated to giving voice to some of today's most talented, original writers. We intend to build on that tradition, continuing to bring you crime fiction that is a little edgier, a little grittier than you'll find anywhere else.

Shirrel Rhoads

Shirrel Rhoades

Terry Carper

Albert Kelly

Albert L. Kelley

Principals in New Pulp Press LLC are writer and critic Shirrel Rhoades, technical director Terry Carper, and entertainment attorney Albert L. Kelley. "We see New Pulp Press as being positioned somewhere between mainstream publishers, who avoid newbie authors who don't have an agent, and writers who self-publish on, say, Amazon," noted Shirrel Rhoades. "It's designed to give voice to those edgier writers who share their fascinating dark thoughts."