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We’d like to introduce the New Pulp Press ebooks staff, the key people who bring these new ebooks to you.
John Colby

John T. Colby Jr.

John T. Colby Jr. is the founder and publisher of Manhattan based Brick Tower Press and J. Boylston & Company, Publishers. Brick Tower Press ranks in the top 100 United States independent book publishers while the J. Boylston & Company imprint ibooks was named "America's fastest growing small publisher" by Publishers Weekly in 2004. Besides ibooks, J. Boylston & Company includes the children's imprint Milk & Cookies Press, and Byron Preiss Visual Publications a book packager with licensed books to Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Dutton, Scholastic, and Reader's Digest.

Prior to Brick Tower Press and J. Boylston & Company, John worked for London-based Dorling Kindersley (DK), Barnes & Noble, Bertelsmann, and Doubleday & Company, Inc. John is a graduate of Syracuse University.

J. Boylston & Company, Publishers:

ibooks is the trade publishing imprint known for its extensive backlist titles in trade fiction, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, history, and popular culture. Readers of notable authors as Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny, Stan Lee, John Betancourt, Robert Payne, and Alfred Bester will enjoy our extensive backlist. Milk & Cookies Press represents the children's imprint and features writers such as the late Fritz Leiber and Caldecott Award winner David Wiesner for their title "Gonna Roll the Bones."

Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc. is a book packager known for high-profile authors such as Carl Reiner, Philip Caputo, Jay Leno, Jane Goodall, and Mia Hamm.

iPicturebooks is the pioneer publisher of electronic books with an extensive collection of titles founded on the late Byron Preiss's vision of the future of book publishing.

Brick Tower Press is a trade book publisher of quality nonfiction titles including cookery, gardening, autobiography, maritime, military history, and financial guides.

We work with a talented group of authors, agents, and book designers to form the core of a rigorous publishing program.
Terry Carper

Terry Carper

Assistant Publisher and Promotion Manager. After a 30 year career in corporate sales, marketing and management, Terry retired to Key West with his new wife, Jane Carper. Jane is also the webmaster for Absolutely Amazing eBooks. When they are not working together they enjoy fishing, diving, and sailing here in Key West.
Key West Jane

Jane Carper

Webmaster. Known as Key West Jane, she’s a successful web designer and computer specialist. When not dog sitting, or creating art, she likes to go fishing and diving with her husband Terry.