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Rabid Child by Pete Risley

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-8-4

Desmond Cray just wants to be left alone. Homeless and friendless, he skulks around town scavenging for food and peeping on unsuspecting women. But his life of anonymity is threatened when a foster mother from his past sees him huddled in the rain and insists he return to her house. There, Desmond enters into a nightmarish world of sin and depravity. Through his dealings with the strangely obsessive mother, an unpredictable nymphette, and a hyper-religious cripple, Desmond discovers a series of terrible secrets, the worst of which just might involve him.

Raves for Rabid Child

Rabid Child is a fine addition to the neo-Jim Thompson school of misfit noir, a perverse and disturbing tale of broken souls searching for love that is bracing but surprisingly affecting.”
—Christopher Ransom, bestselling author of The Birthing House

Rabid Child reads like the unholy offspring of Brian Evenson and Erskine Caldwell, of Thom Metzger and Jim Thompson, of Tim Burton and William Lindsay Gresham. It’s Carnival of Souls re-filmed for the twenty-first century, possessing an air of creepy menace and swampadelic grimness that is simultaneously hip and eternal, off-putting and seductive, melancholy and hilarious.”
—Paul Di Filippo, author of A Mouthful of Tongues and Ciphers

Rabid Child is a novel of astounding nihilism. This book is bound to be banned and burned which is the highest compliment I can give it.”
—Jackson Meeks, author of While the Devil Waits

“Pete Risley’s Rabid Child is a brilliant character study of a man blighted to the core of his being, his depravity mirrored in the sad and rotting world around him. Think Dostoevsky’s Raskolnikov if he was in a John Waters film and you would have someone who comes very close to Risley’s Desmond Cray. Rabid Child also has a lot in common with the noir narrative, where situations become increasingly dire and outrageous. If you want to find out exactly how dire and outrageous things can get, then I highly recommend this book.”
—Andersen Prunty, author of Morning is Dead

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