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Night of the Furies by J.M. Taylor

ISBN: 9780985578695

In the late 1930s, Rico DiGiacomo ruled all of East Boston until he was brutally murdered by his own lieutenant, Bricks Mancini. That night, Rico’s son Giorgio overheard the details as they were reported to the one who ordered it: Rico’s wife. Giorgio vowed to avenge his father, no matter how long it took.

Now, thirty years later, Giorgio has finally fulfilled that promise. As Mancini’s bodyguards pursue him into biker bars and sleazy motels like a pack of vengeful demons, Giorgio recalls a life of humiliation at his mother’s hands and the wisdom his father passed on to him.

Night of the Furies follows Giorgio’s desperate escape, alternating between his present dangers and the events that led up to them, a virtual history of crime in Boston. From the basement lounge of the Coconut Grove to James Michael Curley, from the Great Molasses Flood to the Old Howard, Giorgio has moved in some of the deadliest circles of the city, never forgetting that Fate sent him to kill his own mother. What he doesn’t know is that Fate has still more in store for him, and one night can be very long indeed.

Raves for Night of the Furies

“Taylor delivers a revenge tragedy that reads like a dime novel by Sophocles, at once epic and compact. It’s violent, operatic pulp. Badass and bloody good.”
—Jedidiah Ayres, author of Peckerwood

“If Jim Thompson wrote about Boston’s mean old days, then you’d have an inkling of the sheer quality of writing and gut-clenching darkness that J.M. Taylor provides in Night of the Furies. An outstanding debut.”
—Todd Robinson, author of The Big Bounce

[Night of the Furies] is a more than a noir novel. It’s a sizzling epic spanning generations, written by a writer at the top of his game. Scary thing is, you get the sense that Taylor is writing from personal experience.”
—Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of Murder by Moonlight

“Dark and violent, Night of the Furies showcases a talented new voice.”
—Dave Zeltserman, author of The Caretaker of Lorne Field

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