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"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

The Fever Kill by Tom Piccirilli

ISBN: 978-0-9855786-5-7

Crease is going back to his quaint, quiet hometown of Hangtree. It’s where his father, the sheriff, met ruin in the face of a scandal involving the death of a kidnapped little girl and her missing ransom. It’s where Crease was beaten, jailed, and kicked clear of the town line ten years earlier. The town still has a taste for his blood and secrets it wants to keep. Crease has a single hope; a raw and raging fever driving him toward the truth that might just burn him up along the way.

Raves for The Fever Kill

“It’s the rare crime novel that pulsates with the nightmare intensity of The Fever Kill. Piccirilli pulls it off masterfully.”
—Charles Ardai, editor of the Hard Case Crime series

The Fever Kill is a rattlesnake-mean noir . . . powerful, hard-hitting, fearsome stuff.”
—Ed Gorman, author of The Day the Music Died

“A wondrous blazing talent . . . Intense and astonishing!”
—Ken Bruen, author of The Guards

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