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Ugly Behavior by Steve Rasnic Tem

ISBN: 978-0-9828436-9-7

Ugly Behavior collects 19 of Steve Rasnic Tem’s best noir tales, ugly stories about people behaving quite badly indeed. These are the stories in that box under your bed, pushed all the way back against the wall, the one that takes some effort to get to, the one you thought your momma didn’t know about.

Raves for Ugly Behavior

Ugly Behavior is a powerfully dark collection of crime fiction showcasing Steve Rasnic Tem’s handling of uber-disturbing themes, characters, and confrontations. All of the pieces here are unsettling, wrenching, and affecting, yet polished to a poetic perfection. The author valiantly goes to the bad places and shares his insights so you don’t have to face head-on those same vicious struggles. As always, Tem demonstrates impressive range and sensitivity in this grouping of black jewels.”
—Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Kind Words

“Steve Tem is a writer’s writer and he and his stories are hidden treasures. Here are some of those beautiful gems revealed.”
—Joe Lansdale, author of Edge of Dark Water

“Lusciously grizzly, creepy, and original, glimpses into the souls of people you would never want to meet. Tem actually scares me—hard to do—and I love it.”
—Vicki Hendricks, author of Miami Purity

“I’ve not only read Steve Rasnic Tem over the years I’ve also learned from him as both a writer and a human being. He’s one of the true masters.”
—Ed Gorman, author of The Poker Club

“I’ve read a lot of stories by Steve Rasnic Tem and have never failed to be impressed by their extraordinary range and originality.”
—Otto Penzler, editor of The Best American Crime Writing

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