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"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

In Nine Kinds of Pain by Leonard Fritz

ISBN: 978-0982843659

Baby. She knows how to play the streets of Southwest Detroit. But when her boyfriend entangles her in his life of criminal treachery, she’s forced to go underground to stay alive. Her pursuer? The mysterious Tall Black Man, a cold-blooded dope dealer who believes she’s ripped off his stash. Baby flees to presumed safety in the arms of Father Anthony Costa, a drunken, delusional priest, and Dallas Sharper, a Detroit cop gone off the deep end; she hopes to buy more time to figure a way out. Throw into the mix the Canadian Mafia, some killer cops, and an unyielding city, and you have just another week in the Murder Capitol of the World. In Nine Kind of Pain is a fast-paced, beat-of-the-street story of torment and redemption, of failure and salvation, that proffers crime fiction at its best.

Raves for In Nine Kinds of Pain

“Vicious, demented and darkly funny. In Nine Kinds of Pain takes the reader on a lightning paced, hallucinogenic odyssey through life on the ragged edge. With its crackling dialogue, demented characters and brutally poetic prose, Leonard Fritz creates a uniquely noir tale of desperation, downfall and ultimate deliverance.”
— Leigh Redhead, author of Peepshow

“Leonard Fritz, a modern day Hubert Selby Jr./Jack Kerouac, has written a gem. It isn’t Elmore Leonard’s Detroit. It’s darker, it’s colder, it isn’t guised in clever dialogue that makes us smile; this dialogue is the real and gritty deal. In a word, it’s *better*. Hats off to New Pulp Press for this discovery and this gift to us all.”
— Charlie Stella, author of Johnny Porno

“Like an ice pick to the eye, Lenny Fritz has invented a new language of violence, regret, remorse, and redemption. Fritz has woven astonishing violence and elemental beauty into a ballet that has only a single act and end. Using language as a bludgeon Fritz drags the reader into the mind, gut, and something once called soul of the people who make Detroit a dangerous, slippery place to stay alive.”
— J. Terry Riebling, Author of Seal Warrior

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