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"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses
by LV Rautenbaumgrabner

ISBN: 978-0-9815579-6-0

From a sociopath with superhuman hearing to a town under siege by anvils, L.V Rautenbaumgrabner’s collection of short stories are both hilarious and downright disturbing. With hints of Jim Thompson, William Faulkner, and Gabriel García Márquez, Rautenbaumgrabner is a new voice for the 21st century. Not for the squeamish, As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses takes crime fiction to new levels of grotesqueness.

Raves for As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses

“Think essence of gross: the Marquis de Sade meets the female Frankenstein in American Hell—our nation’s sleezy underside exposed. Rautenbaumgrabner goes for pure, unadulterated thuggery. You can’t get nastier than this!”
— Marilyn Krysl, author of How To Accommodate Men and Dinner with Osama

“I don’t know who this Rautenbaumgrabner guy is, but whoever is guarding his padded cell should be sure to give him plenty of ink, typewriter ribbon, human blood or whatever the hell he writes with. Because holy crap can he spin a fucked up tale.”
— Chris Genoa, author of Foop! and Lick Your Neighbor

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