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Jeff Johnson is a novelist, screenwriter and visual artist. He’s the author of the critically acclaimed Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories & My Life in Ink (Spiegel & Grau 2007), as well as Everything Under the Moon: a Novel (Soft Skull Press, 2016), Knottspeed: A Love Story (Turner, 2017), Deadbomb Bingo Ray Turner, 2017), and Lucky Supreme: A Novel of Many Crimes (Arcade, 2016), A Long Crazy Burn: A Darby Holland Crime Novel (Arcade, 2017), and The Animals After Midnight: A Darby Holland Crime Novel (Arcade, 2018). Johnson’s short story Cantina Kinjiku, will appear in the upcoming Killer Crimes Anthology alongside Steven King and Joyce Carol Oates. Johnson wrote and directed a short film adaptation of it entitled The Kinjiku, and it’s in postproduction. Lucky Supreme, A Novel of Many Crimes was named one of the top 25 novels of 2017 by MEDIUM and the series was acquired by Italian publisher Fanucci. Deadbomb Bingo Ray has been optioned for television, announcement forthcoming, and in a six-figure deal in January, 2019, the Darby Holland Crime Series was optioned for television by Oscar Winning producer Mark Harris of The Harris Company.

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"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

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by Jeff Johnson,

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Gary agrees to a road trip with his buddies, a crazy business opportunity that arises when his pal Kevin inherits Billings Spray-N-Wax, a multi-state service that cleans and repairs grocery store shopping carts. What the heck – there’s not much for the guys to do during the long boring summer in Seattle. But this picaresque journey entails a lot more than “scenic roadside diners ... neon signs … waitresses with big hair. Flapjacks. Rubens. This American Life. Tom Waits. On The Road … Tarantino motels. Route 66 postcard places with pools and trashy bikini chicks from Alabama and Tucumcari. Old fashioned vending machines with pull knobs ... and gas station nachos …” You see, Kevin’s Uncle Chester transported stolen goods as a sideline. And the fence – Ralston Orley – wants his package. People will die. This is a summer job Gary will long remember. And so will you.

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