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Robb White lives in Northeastern Ohio close to the house where he grew up. Before retiring, he taught at Kent State University at Ashtabula [Ohio] Campus for 28 years.  His doctoral dissertation was on point of view in the novels of William Styron. For the last dozen or so years, he has been writing and publishing noir, hardboiled, and mainstream fiction.  Many of his stories feature private eye Thomas Haftmann, the protagonist of two earlier novels:  Haftmann’s Rules (2011) and Saraband for a Runaway (2013). A third novel, When You Run with Wolves, was published in 2015. He has a collection of short stories titled Out of Breath and Other Stories (2013) that mixes mainstream and crime fiction. White has written book reviews and conducted interviews for the print magazine Boxing World.   His short story “Frotteur in the Dark” was selected by the editors of 10,000 Tons of Black Ink as one of 6 Best Of for 2009. His latest story online is “Queen of Hearts” in Pulpwood Fiction:  A Magazine of Southern Noir.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Nocturne for Madness

by Robb White,

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Here we encounter the controlled madness of two men, one a former cop, the other a misfit and killer of women. The ex-cop Thomas Haftmann, formerly of Cleveland Homicide, is recently divorced and working as a private investigator in the resort town of Jefferson-on-the-Lake. Barely surviving financially, and haunted by his own twin demons of gambling and alcohol, Haftmann gets swept up in the statewide manhunt for a killer who meets women on swingers' Internet sites and kills them. Ohio police are finding headless bodies displayed in bizarre poses. Sensationalized in the tabloid press as the "Jack-in-the-Box Killer" for leaving severed heads at murder scenes, Lonnie Dale Nelson carries with him a voice in his head (his "angel") that grows stronger as his madness intensifies over the course of the year-long manhunt. And Haftmann's own mental instability is accelerating as the trail leading to Nelson grows warmer.

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