Paul McGoranPaul McGoran lives in Newport, Rhode Island. In his lives before fiction, he was a laboratory technician, a Russian language interpreter for the U. S. Navy, a career marketing executive, a management consultant, and a day trader. As a writer of crime fiction, his inspiration comes in equal parts from spending way too much time watching black and white film noir, and reading way too many hard-boiled detective stories.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Made For Murder

by Paul McGoran,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Just picture this – the hunky casino dealer that socialite Helena Swann meets in Las Vegas turns around and marries her stepsister for money. But Helena starts an affair with him anyway. And now she discovers that a Bible-quoting P.I. suspects him of two brutal murders. Tension mounts as our mercenary beauty finds herself caught between a rich fiancé and a murderous, but charming conman named Samson Porter – a/k/a Shoo-fly. What would you do? Help Shoo-fly bribe the detective? Turn him in to the cops? Or would you run like hell before he decides to cut your throat? These are questions Helena Swann must answer in this edgy neo-noir thriller.

Raves for Made for Murder

"I'm a fan of hardboiled fiction (as well as those old b/w noir movies). Paul McGoran has caught the mood just right, with Made For Murder holding up nicely against those classics by James M. Cain, Jim Thompson, and David Goodis."
- Hollis George, editor and anthologist

Lightning-Paced Thriller
Made for Murder  is an imaginative, blood-drenched journey across the country, from the sleazy underbelly of Las Vegas to the socialite haven of Newport, with many marquee destinations in between. Author Paul McGoran, a master of character development fills the story with a cast of fascinating individuals, each bound by their distinctive behavior. It’s a terrific read regardless of your preferred genre. As an author and avid reader, I highly recommend this book!
- Michael Sisti (author, Executive Crumple Zone)

The Big THRILL Made for Murder November 2015 issue:

"March is Mystery Month"
at the Newport Public Library

Join us in welcoming Paul McGoran author of Made for Murder and Paying for Pain

Saturday, March 19, 2016 -- 2:00 pm

300 Spring St. (parking in back)
Newport, RI

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Made for Murder

Made for Murder

Made for Murder


Made for Murder

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