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Hunt for the Troll is Mark Richardson’s debut novel. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary and crime journals, including Hobart, Fugue, Segue, Crime Factory, Switchback, and Prime Number Magazine. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two children.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Hunt For The Troll

by Mark Richardson,

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

It all starts when twenty-something software programming genius is visited while he sleeps by a mysterious figure referred to as the Troll. "We're going to change the world," the Troll tells the narrator. Soon we’re introduced to an assortment of off-beat characters: a red-haired, one-eared, female temptress; a pot-smoking tech reporter; a computer-generated Halfling; and a few venture capitalists who are all interested in finding the Troll. Mostly taking place in San Francisco, Hunt for the Troll is a quirky hybrid of mystery, pulp, and modern fairy tale.

Raves for Hunt For The Troll

Included in the Crime Fiction Lover list of Ten to Taste in 2015.
" This troll doesn't live under a bridge. This troll doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of billy goats. This troll isn't even hassling people on social media. No, the troll in this book intrudes into the sleep of an ambitious software writer, and persuades him that together they can change the world, alongside a bizarre collection of misfits and creative oddballs. As the cover suggests, this mixture of fantasy, pulp and crime story takes place in the shadow of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Mark Richardson, who created this dreamtime visitor, works in marketing during the day but has become an established writer of short stories in his spare time."
- David Prestidge, Crime Fiction Lover

"Mark Richardson’s impressive debut novel, Hunt for the Troll, is a wonderful hybrid of high-tech noir and Murakami-like magical realism."
- Al Riske, writer of Precarious,
Sabrina’s Window, and The Possibility of Snow

"A-may-zing. His characters are out of this world. You need to read it to believe it." -Scribbles on a Cocktail Napkin

"Mark Richardson has achieved the stuff of dreams for debut novelists. Hunt for the Troll is an artfully told, utterly original and wonderfully quirky genre-bender that is unpredictable in all the right ways. My prediction? Readers will say, 'Where did this guy come from?'"
- Greg Bardsley, author of the novel Cash Out

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