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William Hatchett is a London-based journalist. Politics are his job as well as his hobby. He works on a trade magazine, writing about how the environment affects health. Many moons ago, after graduating from a UK university, he attended the University of Paris VIII to study American literature: the novels of Thomas Wolfe. He then hitchhiked through the United States and lived for year, in 1983, in New Mexico. He loves American literature – Chandler and Hammett, naturally, and also, in the crime and pulp genre, Jim Thompson, Cornell Woolrich, Elmore Leonard, Georges Simenon (and many more). He lives in Forest Hill, south-east London, sharing his house with a cat and small collection of guitars. He has a grown-up daughter and two wonderful grandkids. His published books included espionage-based thrillers and social history. One day, he hopes to live in a log cabin, next to a lake.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

The Fourth Way

by William Hatchett,

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Set in London in the recent, but now distant-seeming past, this political thriller takes us into some dark places. At the heart of this story, which opens with the death of a scientist is a British Minister, Emma Henderson. She is a sexually-voracious Blairite with a convincing, media-friendly exterior but a troubled soul. When Rick Gilliver, a down-at-heel, alcohol-dependent journalist, accidentally discovers her wrong doings, he embarks on a reluctant quest to bring her down. In this convincing, close-to-real tale, Henderson is the author of a “warped, Machiavellian primer,” the New Labour papers. This document provides the spine of the story, providing a retrospective gloss on what the author clearly sees as the deceptions and abuses of New Labour.

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