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John Holt spends as much time as possible fishing and hanging out in sparsely-populated country with his wife, photographer Ginny Holt, mainly the remoteness found on northern high plains east of the continental divide in Montana and connected country that runs north into the Yukon and Northwest Territories. They've done numerous articles for a variety of magazines including The Flyfish Journal, Crossroads, Men's Journal, Big Sky Journal, American Cowboy and The Art of Angling Journal on their experiences on the road. Acquiring vintage reels and bamboo fly rods is another interest. He and Ginny recently completed the book Fly Fishing Montana. They live in Livingston, Montana.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Death in a Live Forest

by John Holt,

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 trade paperback

Very little comes easy in the West, not even murder. Here, Ed Bouchee, a small town private detective living on the northern high plains, is asked to investigate a gruesome murder. From that moment on nothing is as it seems. Up is down and white fades to black. Bouchee and his headstrong Springer spaniel companion, The Dog, wander the slightly mean, out-of-kilter streets of Biederbeck, and the lonesome, often terrifying, mountain backroads of central Montana in search of Mark Grace’s killer. Along the way eccentric Biederbeck luminaries luminaries like The Count, Dirt Tidrow, Liz and Sam Jones, Miskis, and others combine to both help and hinder the often-bewildered detective. Was Grace dispatched to protect an illegal trout netting operation? Was he killed in a squabble over a marginal timber-cutting contract? Or was the reason much darker, much crazier?

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