Paul McGoranPaul McGoran lives in Newport, Rhode Island. In his lives before fiction, he was a laboratory technician, a Russian language interpreter for the U. S. Navy, a career marketing executive, a management consultant, and a day trader. As a writer of crime fiction, his inspiration comes in equal parts from spending way too much time watching black and white film noir, and reading way too many hard-boiled detective stories.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

The Breastplate of Faith and Love

by Paul McGoran,

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

This exciting new novel introduces Rhode Island-based private eye Stafford Boyle. But it picks up on events from Paul McGoran’s earlier book, Made for Murder. For Stafford Boyle–, this case began when the wife of a TV reality show winner asked him to find out if her husband was cheating. Billy Moncton had won a million bucks on the Castaways program and his wife Theresa wasn’t about to let that kind of money just walk away. This was the kind of job a small-time gumshoe thrived on, tailing a wayward husband and picking up a fast fee. But the assignment didn’t go as expected. He followed Billy to the mansion of Claudia Chitworth, one of Newport’s few remaining dowager queens – Dismas Cottage, scene of several long-ago murders. Next thing Boyle knows, he’s dealing with a missing fiancée, a mysterious child, a suspicious scion, and more dead bodies.

“Paul McGoran’s got the knack, telling a story that drags you along by the necktie, refusing to let go, hooking you. His new protagonist, a shoestring P.I., gets involved in an old case, neatly tying this new series to McGoran’s earlier stories. You’re going to like it.”

  • Hollis George, editor and anthologist.

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