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John Holt spends as much time as possible fishing and hanging out in sparsely-populated country with his wife, photographer Ginny Holt, mainly the remoteness found on northern high plains east of the continental divide in Montana and connected country that runs north into the Yukon and Northwest Territories. They've done numerous articles for a variety of magazines including The Flyfish Journal, Crossroads, Men's Journal, Big Sky Journal, American Cowboy and The Art of Angling Journal on their experiences on the road. Acquiring vintage reels and bamboo fly rods is another interest. He and Ginny recently completed the book Fly Fishing Montana. They live in Livingston, Montana.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Blown Away Under The Big Sky
(An Ed Bouchee Big Sky PI Murder Mystery)

by John Holt,

$3.99 ebooks, $14.95 paperback

Biederbeck, Montana PI Ed Bouchee is asked by his friend Dirt Tidrow to quietly look into a series of strange, unexplained and savage deaths of three local fly fishermen on the Yellowstone. Who did this and how? Bouchee’s investigation as he works working side by side with O’Keefe County sheriff Jim Qualls and friends of the PI in the small, high plains town courses along a trail of mayhem and planned violence that only escalates as time passes. Along the way he and his companion, a Springer spaniel known as The Dog, roam the rivers, empty prairies and mountain forests that is Bouchee’s stomping grounds. Murder, psychotic behavior and dark danger follow the pair wherever they go trying to uncover the truth in this bizarre case. How all this swirls together is the essence of Blown Away Under the Big Sky, the second book in the Ed Bouchee Big Sky PI murder mystery series.

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