New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

Sample story from FOREIGNERS (WAEGUK)
by Mark Rapacz

Chapter 1

The gyopo shot Bong's dog in the alley, while Bong was in T-Mama’s taking a piss. It was good for everybody but the dog when he did it because it always took Bong a good while to piss, and we all just wanted to get this over with. The gyopo’s name was Sonny Kim. He was the younger brother of Jay Kim, the principal/CEO of Super Future Academy, who recruited each of us individually to help run his hogwan. We were all teachers. Sonny was too and had been for some time. He could speak a little Korean, so could Jay, because they were both raised by full-blood Korean parents in New York, hence their gyopo-hood. In their collective 70-some-odd years of life, they picked up little more than the basics. They could hold a conversation about as deeply as an eight-year-old kid. But that's all you needed in our business.
Sonny was trying to be helpful, shooting that dog, but everything the dude did was a little over the top because he was quick on the trigger and scared most of the time. We were all scared. We were waeguk – foreigners – with fake passports working for a two-bit criminal, running an English school that was a laundering front for a group of mafia-types that Jay said "went all the way to the top." Whatever that meant. We figured that meant his father, Mr. Kim, but the pay was better than temp work and he paid in cash, covered our living expenses, and the kids . . .