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Win a Kindle copy of Two Pumps for the Body Man, an outrageous tale of secrets and seduction, terror and toes. A Catch-22 for the War on Terror -because laughter is the best weapon against scary things we cannot see.

Pump Me Up

Jeff Mutton walks the diplomatic beat protecting American officials in Saudi Arabia. An expert with guns, knives, grenades, and rockets, he’s survived assaults and sieges, stabbings and chokeholds, car bombs, carjackings, criminal hits, and countless other enemy threats. But instinct tells Mutton the menace he now faces dwarfs all these killers combined. The fool-his foot fetish has him in hot water again! Part soft-boiled noir, part literary satire, Two Pumps for the Body Man is an unserious look at a serious situation, a grim reminder that no matter how high the barricade, how sharp the razor wire, there is no front line to the War on Terror. And the enemy is everywhere, even within.

Ben East Biography

B.A. East studied writing at Central Connecticut State University. He taught English in Malawi as a Peace Corps Volunteer, at Brooklyn College Academy, and at the American School of Asuncion in Paraguay. Later he joined the State Department’s Foreign Service, taking assignments in Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, Ghana, Mexico, and Washington DC. He compiles his work at

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Interview with author Paul McGoran from The Big Thrill

You will enjoy this interview with 

author Paul McGoran from The Big Thrill.

You can instantly download the book for only $3.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, Apple iBooks. Simply click on your favorite online bookstore. The 6″ x  9″ paperback is available for $14.95 by clicking here. Or visit New Pulp Press.

Made for Murder by Paul McGoran

Layout 1In writing his first novel, Paul McGoran wanted to create a noir thriller with fully developed characters. At the same time, he felt a need to turn the old femme fatale trope on its head. His protagonist had to be a woman, and her best-laid plans would be annihilated by an attractive, but deadly homme fatal.
Welcome to MADE FOR MURDER (New Pulp Press), a suspense thriller in the classic tradition that pits mercenary socialite Helena Swann against a lethal ex-con named Sam “Shoo-fly” Porter. When they meet on a flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco, their mutual attraction is palpable, but Helena tries to resist-she can’t quite bring herself to dump a rich and adoring fiance, Brad Styles.
Thus begins the see-saw of Helena’s emotions tilting her first toward Sam’s drive and sexual magnetism, then back toward Brad’s wealth and prestige. But a bible-spouting private eye comes along to disrupt the narrative. He attributes a double murder back in Las Vegas to Sam, who bolts-the start of a long odyssey leading to Miami Beach. In fear for her own life now, Helena flees in secret to relatives in Newport, Rhode Island-where MADE FOR MURDER’s climax takes place after more plot twists and two more brutal slayings.
What made you want to write this book? Did you start with plot, theme, or character?
MADE FOR MURDER started life as a screenplay treatment. When it dawned on me I had no one to pitch it to and no prospects of going to Hollywood, I put it aside. Later, I wondered if I might try it as a novel. It was then I asked myself what was driving me to tell the story. What stuck in my mind from beginning to end was the blind ambition and will to power of Sam “Shoo-fly” Porter, a stone-cold killer who nevertheless thinks he can make it into the top echelons of business and society.
Is Shoo-fly a serial killer? Can a serial killer be a hero, Dexter notwithstanding?
Sam Porter doesn’t have the distinctive M.O. of a serial killer. His crimes come from frustration and rage. Besides, this is noir-there’s no real hero. The protagonist is Helena Swann, she’s the one under pressure, the one whose decisions drive the story. In Frankenstein, for instance, the focus is on the monster, but the doctor is the protagonist.

Does that mean Sam is a monster?

It’s a little more complicated than that, I think. Don’t forget that three women, two of them very good women, fall deeply in love with him. They see qualities that sometimes make you want to root for him.
I take it that Helena Swann isn’t one of the good women.
Her faults are right out there for all to see. She’s mercenary, duplicitous, unfaithful, and manipulative. But she’s no monster, either. Her emotions and ambitions drive her to grasp at everything she wants, and I think we sympathize with her deeply for that.
Who would be the ideal reader for MADE FOR MURDER?
Folks who admire Richard Stark, Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins, and George Pelecanos make up the audience I’d like to reach.
What do you think it is about noir and hardboiled fiction that attracts you? 
I believe they confront evil more fully than other genres of crime fiction. Both the protagonist and the villain in noir and hardboiled are tainted. To right a wrong, the hardboiled hero won’t hesitate to break the law. The villain, on the other hand, can be more consistent-his objective is evil, likewise his utter contempt for norms.
Is there any discernible difference between hardboiled and noir fiction?
Well, the hardboiled hero is usually a P.I. who wins the day. The essence of noir fiction is the power of the dark side. A noir protagonist more often winds up on the short end: wounded, broken, sometimes dead. Jack Bludis is an old school crime writer who summarized the difference as hardboiled equals tough, noir equals screwed.
In MADE FOR MURDER, you used chapter titles like “Most Men Are Gerbils,” and “Bodies In the Kitchen.” What’s up with that?
It was a fun thing to do. Noir can become dark to the point of suffocation-the chapter titles help to lighten the experience. For me as well as the reader.
When did you start to write fiction seriously?
I started with National Novel Writing Month in November, 2005. Writing under a deadline motivated and inspired me. I completed NaNoWriMo four times. MADE FOR MURDER was my 2014 entry. (National Novel Writing Month is an Internet writing challenge that takes place each November.)
Before beginning a novel, are you an outliner-or do you just start writing?
Outliner here. Nothing formal, I just try to develop the idea and characters in a kind of stream of consciousness fashion, taking pains to keep it chronological. The great thing about an outline is that it tells you what comes next. Which takes away one big excuse for not writing. And I don’t take it for scripture-when I go off course, I just follow where the characters lead.
Can you give me an example of that?
Sure. MADE FOR MURDER was supposed to end in San Francisco, but the characters took me to Phoenix, Austin, and Newport besides.
Are you working on another book?
Oh, yes. I’ve completed a novel called The Breastplate of Faith and Love, and I’m part way through another. I also have a volume of short noir fiction ready for publication called Paying for Pain.
What are those novels about?
Both of them feature a series P.I. named Stafford Boyle. The Breastplate of Faith and Love picks up the story in MADE FOR MURDER years later when several of the same characters think their lives are back to normal. It goes without saying they are sadly mistaken.
Paul McGoran1Paul McGoran lives in Newport, Rhode Island. In his lives before fiction, he was a laboratory technician, a Russian language interpreter for the U.S. Navy, a career marketing executive, a management consultant, and a day trader. As a writer of crime fiction, his inspiration comes in equal measure from spending way too much time watching black and white film noir, and reading way too many hard-boiled detective novels.


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R.D. Cervo Makes Appearance At Mysterious Bookshop in New York

R.D. Cervo Makes Appearance
At Mysterious Bookshop in New York

The mysterious author of KALI ON A RAMPAGE was sighted recently at Mysterious Bookshop, that mecca for mystery books located in the bowels of New York City. Robert Cervo was photographed lurking in front of the shop that is known as “the oldest and largest mystery specialist bookstore in the world.”
Turns out, Cervo was there for a book signing. “The Mysterious Bookshop has the nerve and guts to carry KALI ON A RAMPAGE,” he says.  “It is the best place for crime fiction in NYC. Ultra cool!”
Mysterious Bookshop was founded some 36 years ago by mystery maven Otto Penzler. The bookstore is devoted to all things mysterious, from hard-boiled hardcovers to pulpy paperbacks. It stocks the finest selection of new mystery hardcovers, paperbacks and periodicals, as well as a superb collection of signed Modern First Editions, Rare/Collectable hardcovers, and Sherlockiana.

Previously located in midtown, the bookshop now calls Tribeca its home.

Despite devoting much of his time to editing anthologies, Otto Penzler continues to manage the Mysterious Bookshop. It’s known for its knowledgable staff and pleasant ambience. One visitor describes it: “The place looks like some affluent bibliophile’s grand living room, with cozy sofa, tables full of curious tomes, and the walls packed all the way up to the dauntingly high ceilings.”
“I did not see Otto but Ian and Steve were great,” reports Cervo.  “They had me sign a bunch of books. They placed KALI out front in the store!”
KALI ON A RAMPAGE is a hardcore nightmare. Bizarre karmic synchronicity causes depraved psychopaths to collide into the lives of vulnerable souls. The body count is staggering. The realism of the torture and death is horrifying. Who will find redemption? Who will get their hands on 3.5 million dollars? How many will die screaming with their fingernails digging into their palms?

Want to read KALI ON A RAMPAGE?
If you can’t drop by the Mysterious Bookstore, you can still grab your very own copy of KALI ON A RAMPAGE — either as an ebook or a quality 6″ x 9″ trade paperback.
For the ebook edition (only $4.99) click here for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Apple iPad. You’ll download the book to your ereader device within seconds.
For the paperback edition ($14.95) click here. Speedy service, it will arrive in your mailbox within a few days.
Or you can visit New Pulp Press (, the publisher’s online bookstore.

Robert Cervo at Mysterious Bookshop

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Buy a Book … or Else

Buy a Book 
… or Else
(We’ll Be Disappointed)
Here Are the Latest Noir Mysteries 
Direct from New Pulp Press . . .
Instantly Yours for $4.99 each!
Simply click on Kindle or Nook or Kobo or Apple iPad to purchase an ebook for less than the price of coffee and a donut. Instantly delivered.
Or click here to buy a trade paperback for only $14.95.
by Neal Arbic,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Helter Skelter. 1969’s Summer of Love came to an abrupt end when a group of hippies killed seven people — actress Sharon Tate and four others at Tate’s home, plus a married couple. Here we meet Jack Middleton, an aging LAPD Detective who is convinced The Beatles’ White Album hides clues to these ghastly murders. He is led into the ’60s underworld of Black Panthers, Hell’s Angels, and psychedelic sexed-up rockers. As Jack figures it out, he is determined to bring a shaggy-haired monster named Charles Manson and his followers to justice . . .and he might just accomplish that goal with the help of a zealous African-American narcotics cop named Delware Hicks. “A very good read,” says Amazon Top 500 Reviewer S. Riaz.
The Unquiet Dead
by Bryce Wilson,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
A man commits suicide outside of a newspaper office in a small California town. Three reporters are drawn into a mystery that leads to the darkest corners of the city they thought they knew. The beaches and vineyards offer a perfect draw for tourists, but conceal a deep evil. Pitted against the most powerful man in the city, and hunted by a hit man with a sick sense of humor, the reporters’ search for the truth puts those they love at risk. And the people they trust the most may be the ones who get them killed. “A work of California Noir that combines a dark sense of humor with a fast moving plot.”
by Bradford Middleton,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Jack is in a rut and has been for some time but ultimately it is a rut he has grown used too, even fond of. Aged thirty-nine he lives in a small room in a nice area of south-east London. We meet him on a Saturday and things seem to be going just fine until that it he tries to go out to the pub. It is then it all starts getting weird; alien abductions and attacks on public buildings but most bizarrely of all a woman who finds Jack sexually attractive. Clare changes his life forever and suddenly Jack’s life is moving. Within three weeks they decide to go to Brighton and everything seems to be just perfect for the first time in a long time with the realisation that Clare and Lisa share everything including him. It is however at his fortieth birthday party when Kerry, his only friend at work, falls for Lisa that his life begins to unravel.
The Invisible Hand,
by Benjamin Sobieck
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
While drinking in a rural North Dakota bar on the edge of the modern day oil boom Wil Reynolds is tapped by a farmer to perform a mercy kill on his sick wife. Wil gets cold feet and kills the farmer instead. Unsure of what to do next, he also kills the farmer’s wife. The local sheriff and his deputy hire a private contractor named Jane to find the fugitive. But Will and a female hitchhiker named Sam set out for Man Camp, a makeshift community of oil workers squatting on the prairie. Can Wil’s pursuers be far behind? And is Jane who she claims to be? Is Sam? Will anybody survive this chase as Will and Sam make a stand at his family farm? Can he escape the invisible hand of fate?
Paying for Pain
by Paul McGoran,
$3.99 ebooks, $14.95 paperback
A can’t-put-it-down collection of noir mysteries that prove Paul McGoran a master of the genre. Stories include: The Thanks You Get – A hard guy in Las Vegas looks to his sidekick for help when the going gets tough, then shows his appreciation. Beach of the Dead – When Vinny Guyett absconds to Mexico with the union’s healthcare premiums, Irvin Palazzo assigns a crew to murder him and retrieve the money. Never give the finger to a killer. Paying for Pain – Our boy Harold interviews assassins for a little project he has in mind. In the end, he realizes it’s family that matters. Summer of Porkpie – Three characters narrate their involvement with Samson Porter, a.k.a. Porkpie. Spend the summer with them – first in trendy South Beach with Kristi Darnell, then in elegant Newport with Ivan Chitworth and Helena Swann. No Good Deed (a novella) – Mickey Cullion is a little ex-con who runs a storefront church in San Francisco called The Breastplate of Faith and Love. But his efforts at redemption falter when a long-kept secret is revealed, prompting a fresh round of blackmail … and murder. No good deed goes unpunished at the Breastplate of Faith and Love.
No Tomorrow
by Jake Hinkson,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
It’s 1947, and Billie Dixon has just talked herself into a new job. As the distribution agent for Hollywood’s shoddiest movie studio, she travels to rural Arkansas peddling B-grade Westerns to poor theaters. When she meets Amberly Henshaw, the unhappy wife of a preacher on a crusade against the evils of motion pictures, she senses an immediate attraction. Billie knows it’s crazy to get involved with Amberly, but she tells herself it will just be a quick fling. Once Amberly’s fanatical husband finds out about their affair, however, Billie Dixon finds herself in a spiral of betrayal and murder . . .
Hunt For The Troll
by Mark Richardson,
$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
It all starts when twenty-something software programming genius is visited while he sleeps by a mysterious figure referred to as the Troll. “We’re going to change the world,” the Troll tells the narrator. Soon we’re introduced to an assortment of off-beat characters: a red-haired, one-eared, female temptress; a pot-smoking tech reporter; a computer-generated Halfling; and a few venture capitalists who are all interested in finding the Troll. Mostly taking place in San Francisco, Hunt for the Troll is a quirky hybrid of mystery, pulp, and modern fairy tale.
Foreigners (Waeguk)
by Mark Rapacz
$4.99 ebook; $14.95 trade paperback
Two countries: South Korea, an economic powerhouse; North Korea, a rogue nation with nuclear capabilities. Two foreigners-waeguk-from Minnesota: Ben, coming to terms with his homosexuality; Durst, dreaming of himself as a James Dean tough guy. They teach English-as-a-second-language at a private school in Seoul. The school is also the front for a drug-smuggling gang headed by its owner, Mr. Kim. Ben and Durst are drawn into the illicit trade-for the excitement and the money. When some on-the-run farmers from the North show up, followed by some less savory characters, a simple smuggling operation turns a lot more dangerous. A unique new voice in crime, Mark Rapacz takes you on an unputdownable odyssey deep into this violent Korean underworld where nothing is quite what it seems and life is as ephemeral as a knife blade glinting under neon lights.
For more great noir books visit the New Pulp Press online bookstore!
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Vicki Hendricks
A few days ago Steven Nester — well-know host of “The Poets of Tabloid Murder,” a weekly Internet radio show heard on the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) — picked his five favorite crime fiction titles of this year. Along with The Killing Kind by Chris Holm, The Redeemers by Ace Atkins (he writes the new Robert B. Parker books), Serpents of the Gold by Thomas O’Malley and Douglas Graham Purdy, and The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue by master novelist Frederick Forsyth, he also chose Voluntary Madness by Vicki Hendricks.
Here’s what Nester had to say about Vicki’s book:
* Voluntary Madness by Vicki Hendricks (New Pulp Press): Punch and Juliette are a spontaneous couple with a plan in this well-serving reissue, and that is to live their lives to the fullest in Key West, Florida, until their money runs out–and then they’ll commit suicide. Well, the dough does disappear, sooner rather than later, and to keep the high life going these two co-dependent lovebirds move from burglary to armed robbery to accidental murder. In the meantime, life is a work of art to the multi-racial Punch, who is allegedly writing a novel, as well as to Juliette, a wisp of white trash from Tennessee, who plays a willing enabler and sidekick to Punch’s exhibitionist and outlaw ways.
“I could see myself as Sundance, if I knew how to shout,” Juliette says, and in an ominous development of character, she soon learns to howl. The pair focus on robbing restaurants for cash and dinner, and become media-darling desperadoes in a town that celebrates nonconformity. For Punch — diabetic and a committed alcoholic — death wouldn’t be too far removed, even if he walked the straight and narrow, but he keeps upping the ante. Juliette doesn’t really want to die, and she knows that keeping Punch sober will also keep him busy at the typewriter, and that the chance of literary fame should cause him to stick around for at least a while longer.
But Punch, being a highly attuned anarchist (“Nothing’s right or wrong, good or bad,” he says. “Just more or less interesting.”), seems as assured of his death wish coming true as he is of finding coal in his stocking.
Vicki Hendricks says, “I’m a Florida writer, published mostly in the crime field over the last twenty years, with five noir novels — Miami Purity, Iguana Love, Voluntary Madness, Sky Blues, Cruel Poetry, a collection of short stories, Florida Gothic Stories, and a mainstream novel, Fur People. In 2008, my novel Cruel Poetry was a finalist for an Edgar Award. If you like the works of James M. Cain, author of The Postman Always Rings Twice, you will enjoy my more contemporary style with graphic sex that was not allowed to be published in Cain’s era. In addition, my interest in the Florida environment and participation in adventure sports, such as scuba and skydiving, are prominent in the subject matter of my fiction.”
Hendricks was a featured panelist at this year’s 2015 Mystery Writers Key West Fest. She even shocked bestselling mystery writer Jeffery Deaver when she described sex in one of her titles involving an iguana lizard. And you can be sure that Deaver (The Bone Collector, et al. ) is not a writer easily taken aback.
New Pulp Press is proud to publish Vicki Hendricks’
Voluntary Madness. If you’d like to purchase a $4.99 ebook edition, go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or KoboBooks to instantly download your copy. For the $14.95 trade paperback, go to Amazon.
Or visit the New Pulp Press website for this and other award-winning noir mysteries.
NPP publisher Shirrel Rhoades adds, “Vicki is a modern master of noir. This is the kind of writing destined to be among the classics of the genre. We salute Vicki and Voluntary Madness!”
# # #
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Insightful review of Mark Richardson’s new book

Here’s an insightful review of Mark Richardson’s new book from Ben East, one of our favorite book bloggers!


Mark Richardson’s Hunt for the Troll is a step up from ordinary pulp. It’s what happens to San Francisco noir when the shiny new promise of Silicon Valley comes to town, pushing back the fog to play some light in the corners. In this case, the light is more ominous than the dark. Our comfortable eyes, adjusted to the power outage, are burned by the glare when the lights go on.
Gone is the reluctant hero and snubnose pistol; in their place are entrepreneurism and quantum computing. Gone are the troubled dame and her leggy needs; in their place are the chessboard and another step toward transhumanism.
The narrator’s a cipher, a man without a name, an identity tattooed on his arm in binary code and a bad-ass alter-ego in the gaming world of Centre Terrain. He’s king and serf in his own domain, part creator and part creation. His story proceeds between worlds: the real world of breakfasts and sex; the gaming paradise he helped build, not unlike a Tolkien wet dream; and that place between sleep and wakefulness that isn’t a dream but nor is it quite real. Is it?
His quest, moving frequently in and out of the three worlds, is to track down the eponymous troll and make him explain the cryptic assertion that sets all this in motion:
We’re going to change the world.
“Typically a processor is installed in a computing device-a laptop, a cell phone, tablet…” In this case the processor, a neural processor, is grafted directly onto the narrator’s brain. He isn’t alone. His freakishly hot lover has the device; his stoner tech journalist friend understands the installation; his employer, gaming company Centre Terrain, paid him 100k to have it put in. It must be ok. It makes him better at what he does. It enhances his ability to think and see and experience, regardless of which world he’s in. What could go wrong?
The narrative proceeds at a good clip, avoids bogging down too heavily in the necessary philosophy, trips over a few clichés (“raining cats and dogs”), and always in the back of the mind is the neural processor: “We’ll effectively become almost interchangeable with technology, another type of hardware to be upgraded and improved.” Avert your eyes. Take comfort in the fog.
Cyber-mystery and crime caper rolled into one, with dreams straight out of
The Big Lebowski and foggy hallucinations worthy of
One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest (“…It’s the truth even if it didn’t happen…”)
Hunt for the Troll offers a glimpse at the direction of mankind.
 Grab your favorite cocktail-with a lime-twist of crime-and let your mind expand.
You can purchase Mark Richardson’s Hunt for the Troll as an ebook or trade paperback ($4.99 or $14.95) Click Here
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Hunt for the Troll Is Not A Bedtime Story

Let Mark Richardson Tell You
A Fairy Tale … A Dark Fairy Tale.

Hunt for the Troll Is Not
A Bedtime Story.

Plan To Stay Awake!

It all starts when a twenty-something software programming genius is visited while he sleeps by a mysterious figure referred to as the Troll. “We’re going to change the world,” the Troll tells the narrator. Soon you’re introduced to an assortment of off-beat characters: a red-haired, one-eared, female temptress; a pot-smoking tech reporter; a computer-generated Halfling; and a few venture capitalists who are all interested in finding the Troll. Mostly taking place in San Francisco, Hunt for the Troll is a quirky hybrid of mystery, pulp, and modern fairy tale.

Hunt for the Troll is Mark Richardson’s first novel, but he displays a master’s touch. Not surprising. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary and crime journals, including Hobart, Fugue, Segue, Crime Factory, Switchback, and Prime Number Magazine.

What people are saying:

“Mark Richardson has achieved the stuff of dreams for debut novelists. Hunt for the Troll is an artfully told, utterly original and wonderfully quirky genre-bender that is unpredictable in all the right ways. My prediction? Readers will say, ‘Where did this guy come from?'”
– Greg Bardsley, author of the novel Cash Out

“Mark Richardson’s impressive debut novel, Hunt for the Troll, is a wonderful hybrid of high-tech noir and Murakami-like magical realism.”
– Al Riske, writer of Precarious, Sabrina’s Window,
and The Possibility of Snow

“Made my hair stand on end.”
– H.L. Osterman, author of Short Changed

You can instantaneously download the ebook for a mere $4.99 … or purchase the trade paperback edition for only $14.95.

Depending on your ereader device, select Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks, or Apple iBooks. For the paperback click here.
Or go to the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore.

Then lock your doors and windows, turn on all the lights, gather up your never … and start reading.huntforthetroll_200

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A Celebration of Sleuthing: Mystery Writers Key West Fest

A Celebration of Sleuthing: Mystery Writers Key West Fest
Set for Mid-August

This is a “must” for all mystery fans!

Register now at

Key West, FL. — World-class mystery writers and acclaimed storytellers will be gathering in Key West to reveal their sleuthing savvy and whodunit know-how during the 2nd Annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest, set for August 14-16, 2015. And you’re invited to join them.

Sponsored in part by the Mystery Writers of America’s Florida Chapter, the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, and the Key West Citizen, this “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed festival offers multiple workshops, presentations and panel events, mingling with authors, consultations with publishing industry experts, and book signings.

Shirrel Rhoades, publisher of Absolutely Amazing eBooks, is a co-founder of the Fest along with mystery writer Michael Haskins.


Shirrel Rhoades and Michael Haskins

Taking place this year at Key West’s luxurious Beachside Marriott, Mystery Writers Key West Fest stars international bestselling suspense-thriller writer Jeffery Deaver, author of the wildly popular”Lincoln Rhyme” book series, the first of which was adapted to the 1999 film “The Bone Collector” starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

Jeffery Deaver and Heather Graham

au New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Graham

Open to mystery fans, authors, and aspiring authors, Fest guests will learn first-hand how to craft their own tales of crime, murder and mystery from Deaver and other high-profile mystery genre luminaries — including award-winning Florida author James O. Born, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham, and bestselling Chicago crime writer Libby Fischer Hellman. The 90-minute panels also include one on Law Enforcement in the Keys, a popular presentation that provides a bird’s-eye view of what crime is really like in the Florida Keys, led by DEA agent Ken Davis.

The popular sleuth fest also includes a luncheon with Deaver, dinner with O. Born, and the presentation of the Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award.

aw ax

The Jerry Award and Jeremiah Healy

Sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks, the Jerry Award salutes the late author’s legacy as a beloved and influential mentor to aspiring writers. The winner receives a unique Jerry statuette, a book publishing contract, and receives free admission and lodging at the Fest. Candidates wishing to compete for the Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award are invited to submit the first three pages of a finished, unpublished manuscript no later than June 30, 2015. Finalists will be notified August 1, and will have until August 10 to submit full manuscripts.

Featuring a who’s-who array of award-winning and bestselling mystery and crime fiction authors, this year’s Mystery Writers Key West Fest is sure to be a hit. Registration is only $125 for nearly three days of sleuth-worthy events. Rooms for attendees also are generously discounted, but early bird discounts end July 10.

Don’t delay. Attendance is limited. Register today!

To register, simply visit

or email

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Bring Me the HEAD of Yorkie Goodman

New Pulp Press
proudly announces the publication of

Bring Me the HEAD of Yorkie Goodman
by Rowdy Yates
*Recipient of a STARRED
REVIEW from Publishers Weekly!!!
THE STORY: “Who’s Yorkie Goodman?” asks Wallace, an enforcer for an East Coast drug cartel. “Just a fella” says his boss, who goes by the name Boss. Just a fella … but Boss wants Yorkie Goodman taken out. He wants it so badly, he’ll risk sending Wallace into Wallace’s own past where a beautiful woman he abandoned years before still holds a bewitching power over him like some ancient siren song. He wants it so badly, he’s sending along his deadliest assassin, Carp, to make sure the job is done right. And he wants proof … proof in the form of Goodman’s head delivered in a portable cooler. So begins Wallace’s twisted, violent odyssey into the American heartland – an odyssey that inevitably forces him to choose between love and gangland loyalty. Written in spare, gritty prose with a twist of dark humor, Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman is a page-turning, Tarantinoesque ride to the end of the road.
THE AUTHOR: A born-and-bred Hoosier, Jared Yates Sexton, writing crime fiction as Rowdy Yates, is an expat working as an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University. His work has been nominated for a handful of Pushcart’s, The Million Writer’s Award and has been featured in Best of the Net and Wigleaf’s Top 50 Fictions. His first book, An End To All Things, was released by Atticus Books in 2012. In his spare time he serves as Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine BULL.
eBook: $4.99
Trade paperback: $14.95
Visit our website:New Pulp Press


“In this violent, darkly funny novel from the pseudonymous Yates (Jared Yates Sexton, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Bull), Bill Wallace, an enforcer for a small-time East Coast drug lord known simply as Boss, has to collect an unpaid debt from Yorkie Goodman, a seemingly innocuous 62-year-old schlub. Goodman happens to live in Seymour, Ind., where 14 years earlier Wallace got into trouble and had to split town fast, leaving a broken-hearted woman behind. Boss pairs Wallace with Carp, a hit man who appears to be dying, and orders them to bring back macabre proof of a successful mission: Goodman’s head. Naturally, things go south quickly, as Wallace has plans of his own. Carp, meanwhile, proves himself to be indestructible. The duo quickly end up on the radar of the local police chief, whose laconic old-school commentary addressed to his deputy provides comic relief. Yates (An End to All Things) gives obvious nods to the works of Cormac McCarthy and the Coen brothers (Fargo, in particular) in an over-the-top tale whose infectious energy will prove irresistible to devotees of modern noir.”-Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Advance Praise for
Bring Me the Head
of Yorkie Goodman
“Bill Wallace, the protagonist of Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman, learns you an go home again but that it’s probably not a good idea if you’re also accompanied by a psychotic enforcer named Carp with more than one hidden agenda. Giving Peckinpah a smile, Tarantino a wink, and McCarthy a nod, Yates puts Wallace in the fast lane to hell and Seymour Indiana. Crime fiction aficionados will not want to miss catching a ride.”
-Lynn Kostoff, author of Words to Die For and A Choice of Nightmares
Rowdy Yates writes with a style that plunges the reader into the world of the story, in this case a startlingly fun and fresh take on the well-worn crime novel. Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman is sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, sometimes unclassifiable, always beautiful, never dull – like Warren Oates and Elmore Leonard walked onto the set of Fargo. And yet, underneath the suspense and the gunfire and the dreary dusk of the heartland, there’s real heart here, real love for the places we call home and the people we’d do anything to protect.
-Matthew Fogarty, Editor of Cartagena Journal and Co-Editor of Yemassee Journal
Fast, bloody, and taut as razor-wire, Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman roils with action and dark humor, plus the occasional moment of jaw-dropping poignancy. If you’re a fan of Elmore Leonard, Cormac McCarthy, Samuel Beckett, or the Coen brothers, you need to add Jared Yates Sexton to your reading list.
-Michael Meyerhofer, author of Wytchfire
Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman, with its liquor-slick voice and finely tuned prose, is 100% Hoosier grit. This is the debut of a serious-and seriously good-author of crime fiction. Bear witness.
-Andrew Scott, author of Naked Summer
At the pounding heart of Yates’s superb first novel are good men doing bad despite their conscience and bad men doing worse in the absence of their conscience, and every shade of moral corruption in between. More than anything, Yates knows these guys and these places the rest of us tend to avoid and brings the grittiest of language to bare their ink-black souls on the page. He gets inside these characters’ heads and under their skin to bleed out the darkest heart of the human condition. By the end of Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman, Yates has managed to do what the best novels of any genre should: implicate the conscience of nearly everyone involved, not the least of whom, you, my dear reader.
-Benjamin Drevlow, author of Bend with the Knees and Other Love Advice from My Father
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